Volunteerism At Collegiate Academy of Colorado

A charter school has several backbones: the teachers, the students, and the parents.  The key to the parent backbone is volunteerism.  At Collegiate Academy of Colorado, all parents (or students in lieu of parents) are required to volunteer a total of 40 hours. Regardless of the size of the family, the requirement is 40 hours.  Parents can also pay $10.00 dollars for every hour of volunteer time, or simply pay $400.00 in lieu of their physical volunteering.  Help us track community participation by logging your hours at the link below. 

One of the Collegiate Core Values is "Ownership."  We expect our students and parents to value that idea as they value their school and education.  There are a variety of ways to get involved and show this ownership in Collegiate. Classrooms and teachers always need an extra set of hands, and teachers always welcome help in stuffing folders and planning holiday events.  Carpool duty in the morning/afternoon or helping with fundraisers are also ways to get involved.  Collegiate is so dedicated to our parents taking this ownership we have created a "Wall of Opportunity" that shows all the ways parents can get involved and give a hand up to their school.  The Board of Directors, Foundation or Accountability committees are also great ways to step up to the plate.  

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Thank you for your investment in our community! Don't forget to log your hours at the link below. 

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