Teaching Philosophy

Administration and Philosophy
Our small staff of Administrators know the primary focus at Collegiate Academy is the students. Administrators work together with teachers, staff members, the Board of Directors, and parents to provide strong leadership for our school community. Our Administrators report directly to the Board and are responsible for the operation and management of the school. In addition to providing strategic planning, the Administrators oversee communication, school finances and building management. 

Teaching Staff
Our goal is to inspire students to become successful, caring, self-motivated learners and leaders. As a charter school, Collegiate Academy hires passionate, innovative teachers who are trained in academic and classroom strategies to enhance each student’s education. Because we keep class sizes small, teachers get to know students as individuals. Strengths and weaknesses. Hopes and dreams. Sports and extracurricular interests. College and career goals.  Our teachers work together with parents to develop success strategies and ensure that each student receives the highest quality education possible.

Class and School Size
As you walk through the halls at Collegiate Academy, you’ll see that faculty and students all know and support each other. We keep class sizes small so that students don’t get lost in the crowd. Our elementary school (K-6) typically has about 300 students, with an average class size of 24 students. Our middle school (grades 7-8) has about 100 students, with an average class size of 26 students. Our high school (grades 9-12) has about 150 students, also with an average class size of 26 students. In total, Collegiate Academy has approximately 550 students in grades K-12.