High School Academics


High school at Collegiate is the pinnacle achievement of a committed student.  To graduate from Collegiate is to have achieved a goal conceived of twelve years prior by a student’s parents, teachers and of course, themselves.  The high school, also known as the upper school, is comprised of grades nine through twelve and is separated into honors and Advanced Placement tracks.  Collegiate high school students form bonds with each other that allow them to push themselves to achieve academic, social and civic success.  

It is in our high school that students fully realize the importance of the Core Values which have been instilled in them from an early age. Our students embody integrity, epitomize quality, exemplify perseverance, and value ownership.  In short, the Collegiate Academy high school is a blend of character education and rigorous academics to conclude the best college preparatory system in Colorado.

Our seniors are some of the most prepared students for College in the state.  By the time they graduate they will have completed 40 hours of community service and written a college level term paper, a paper no other student in Jefferson County has to write.  The "Senior Thesis" is a paper for which students receive .5 credits, and is also their first step toward a successful college career, started in high school.  The paper is a sustained literary analysis modeled on an English 101 term paper they will compose the next year in college.  However, many of our students graduate high school and enter their college of choice already a Sophomore due to their AP classes and test scores.  Starting in the ninth grade, students are able to take AP classes that prepare them for college rigor, critical thinking success, and the AP exams.  In short, the Collegiate high school is not only the culmination of our academic and character program, it is a world class environment from which students spring into the next chapter of their lives.

High School Graduation:  

Our High School curriculum and graduation requirements are aligned with the Jefferson County Content Standards.  However, students are offered and encouraged to take more "core" classes including four years of math, three years of science, and three years of foreign language (Spanish).  Each student receives help with academics, career/college planning, and college scholarship and application processing.  Scheduling is reviewed to make sure each student receives the required number of hours and credits.